1st Courtesan’s Ball

All are here invited to join with the courtesans of the known world in fun and frolic! Break out your dancing shoes and your fanciest garb for this magical experience. The summits of the societies’ courtly arts will be on display in a safe and playfully family friendly atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in an enchanting night of witty conversation, playful flirtation, and historical social dances as they were meant to be experienced: Without judgement, as a social opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow Society members. A night where lovely courtiers in finery will lead beginners and cavort with experienced dancers in authentic medieval dances.

Are you a gentle (of any gender) drawn to the glamorous but precarious life of a courtesan? This is your chance to flirt without fear. Meet like minded people who share your interests and learn the unvarnished truth about the history of the profession.

Perhaps you have a mind to enter into patronage with one of our jewels? Dress to impress and get to know some of the courtesans to see if one might consider accepting your patronage.

Come and enjoy this opportunity to learn more about the life of courtesans and their patrons in the SCA. Discover the various courtesan guilds of the known world and meet their members in a friendly, social atmosphere.

What can I do to support the ball and prepare?

  1. Plan now to come to Gulf Wars in 2019. Mark your calendar for March 12th, Tuesday night from 9 pm – midnight. You will be busy. 😉
  2. RSVP to our public Facebook event. This is an opportunity for anyone with a courtesan persona to meet potential patrons, and for those who desire patronage to meet a courtesan.
  3. Start studying up on the dances chosen for the ball. You’ll naturally gravitate towards some over others, that’s perfectly fine! Practice the ones that challenge you and think about how you can do the simpler ones with style.
  4. Keep up your persona studies! That way you’ll have something to chat with the courtesans about while you’re dancing. The dances on our set list have been chosen specifically to give you a feel for the social and courtly aspects of medieval dancing.
  5. Get your garb game in order. You’ll want to have something nice (but comfortable) to wear so you can feel and look your best. Well-fit dancing shoes are must. Not too slippery on the soles and securely attached to your foot, even when you kick. I can guarantee the courtesans of the Knowne World are already getting ready for this time to shine.
  6. If you have flame colored LED candles, red tablecloths, red draperies, or gold stag decorations you’d be willing to let us use to create some ambiance, you can drop them off at the Ca d’Oro Renaissance Salon, located next to Artisan’s Row and pick them up when you leave the ball.
  7. Bookmark this page and check back throughout the year. We’ll be adding and more ways for you to practice your moves.
  8. Share this page on all of your social media channels. Post throughout the year when you’re practicing, prepping your outfit, or working on anything else for the ball. Use #courtesanshaveballs to make sure they can be found! You can also follow the tag to see how we’re getting ready throughout the year.

Dance List (In no particular order.)

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