Category: Personae

My various historical personalities, the research that inspires them, and thoughts on how I play that research out in my reenactments.

Domina Lucretia Lepida

Lucretia (family name: LOOcrayteeah) Lepida (personal name: LAYpeedah) A war widow living in the reign of Marcus Aurelius. Bored with managing her extensive estates, Lepida has taken to some more…interesting pursuits. Or perhaps being pursued? […]

Lady Gwlados Vachan

Welsh Name: Gwlados (gooLADos) Vachan Latin Name: Gwlados (gooLADos) uxor Turstin A noble patron of medicine, domestic arts, and the women who practice them. Raised in a wealthy family of Dyfed nobility, a country now […]