Bransle Pinagay

medieval dance steps

An easy dance that can be surprisingly aerobic. As with many (most, all?) dances originating in 16th c France called a bransle (pronounced brawl for no discernible reason), Pinagay is a mixed bransle.  This video doesn’t have the best audio but shows what can be done to make this simple dance a bit more fun and playful. Imagine lines of people weaving in and out in a tangle! That takes finesse!

This video has better audio, and better video of the footwork.

As in most bransles, the steps repeat matching the tempo played by the musicians until they stop. The tempo varies based on the playfulness and sadism of the musicians. Appease them.


Step Review:

Double Left: Step L, bring feet together, repeat.
Double Right: Step R, bring feet together, repeat.
Kick Left: Hop on your R foot, kick L foot forward.
Kick Right: Hop on your L foot, kick R foot forward.


  • Double L. 4 counts.
  • Kick L. 4th count.
  • Double L. 4 counts.
  • Kick L. 4th count.
  • Kick R. 1 count.
  • Kick L. 1 count.
  • Double L. 4 counts.
  • Double R. 4 counts.
  • Double L. 4 counts.
  • Double R. 4 counts.
  • (Repeat all.)

Practice Playlist:


  • An easy variation is to flip the direction of the dance and go to the right. If your calves get tired going left, this is a good way to get some balance. DR KR, DR KR KL KR, DR DL, DR DL :||


  • This page on the Pinagay Bransle from the Meridian dance guild Saltare has some useful advice for this dance.
  • Gregory Blount of Isenfir has created this dance cheat sheet for Bransle Pinagay.
  • The Renaissance Dance Database maintains a complete list of links around the web for sheet music, step cheat sheets, and music files for Bransle Pinagay.
  • The Mixed Bransle page on the Historical Dance Database has links to sheet music for all the mixed bransles, including Pinagay. Do you have musicians asking what they can play? Point them at these and send a recording you’ve been enjoying during practice.
  • Music available for purchase:
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