Lady Gwlados Vachan

Welsh Name: Gwlados (gooLADos) Vachan
Latin Name: Gwlados (gooLADos) uxor Turstin

A noble patron of medicine, domestic arts, and the women who practice them. Raised in a wealthy family of Dyfed nobility, a country now thought of as being part of southern Wales. Living in the latter half of the 12th c she enjoys exploring the bleeding edge of medical knowledge coming into the west via contact with the Arab world in the Crusades. Married for political reasons to a Norman scion with glory and little else to his name, their relationship is friendly though not warm. She holds the purse strings tight and Lord Turstin has little choice but to indulge her whims so that he can fund his knightly lifestyle. In search of glory he followed the French king into the 2nd Crusade. Though he survived, he never returned from the Holy Land. The last letter Gwlados received came from the eastern city of Constantinople, far off course from the return of the King’s defeated army. With the blessing of both her father and her missing husband’s, Lady Gwlados travels east, escorted by Turstin’s dishonored friend, troubled¬† still by what he saw that led to his desertion of his comrades.

The Lady, on the other hand, is enjoying her trip through Europe at the height of the 12th century renaissance with the final destination of the ultimate medieval crossroads between east and west: Constantinople. The new and interesting friends she’s made along the way only serve to make the journey more memorable.

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