Everyone learns differently, and you'll learn each dance best for actually dancing if you stick it in as many corners
All are here invited to join with the courtesans of the known world in fun and frolic! Break out your dancing
The range of historical European dances recreated in the Society covers several centuries and countries of origin. While they share
medieval dancing in England
This is a spritely little dance that practically dances itself once you get a feel for it. One of those
european dance
This stately dance is well into the grey period of the 1600's and doesn't fit the SCA criteria of pre-1600
medieval dance steps
Hands-down my favorite of all the Arbeau bransles. Just complex enough to be truly satisfying, and still simple enough to
french folk dance
Also called the Burgundian Bransle (pronounced 'brawl'). This simple dance makes a great addition to the SCA repertoire. It's perfect
medieval dance steps
An easy dance that can be surprisingly aerobic. As with many (most, all?) dances originating in 16th c France called
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