My various historical personalities, the research that inspires them, and thoughts on how I play that research out in my reenactments.

Domina Lucretia Lepida

Lucretia (family name: LOOcrayteeah) Lepida (personal name: LAYpeedah) A war widow living in the reign of Marcus Aurelius. Bored with managing her extensive estates, Lepida has taken to some more…interesting pursuits. Or perhaps being pursued? Only if you do it the way she likes, and you have the coin to pay for her time. There’s […]


Lady Gwlados Vachan

Welsh Name: Gwlados (gooLADos) Vachan Latin Name: Gwlados (gooLADos) uxor Turstin A noble patron of medicine, domestic arts, and the women who practice them. Raised in a wealthy family of Dyfed nobility, a country now thought of as being part of southern Wales. Living in the latter half of the 12th c she enjoys exploring […]